Dog resting on grass at Waglands
Ben Adams

Ben Adams

Dog-Centred Care

The wonderful sharing relationship between a dog and its owner is a beautiful thing. It is actually nice to know (for most dogs!) that no-one else can replace you without months of relationship building and mutual commitment. So when you are away, how will they be?

In your absence, what is it that a dog would actually value?

A philosophy of Dog-Centred Care is all about a shift in our Human focus. It is stepping outside of ourselves, and thinking with four legs, beautiful big eyes, an acute sense of smell, a desire for great fun, and a very expressive tail to express yourself with.

This is the journey we started in 2009 when we took over an old and exhausted ‘Boarding Kennel’, and set about transforming it piece by piece into a real holiday experience that a real dog would actually want to come back to.

We watched, listened, and learnt from the dogs themselves, and trialled different ideas, found success (and sometimes not!), and then powered a strong unrelenting improvement bent to get it just right.

The end result was about so much more than just the dogs – Industry groundbreaking food, recreation time, calming music, backed up by a highly attuned team, with better management, communication and retention systems to have the best and most attentive people. The result is award winning boarding services, working really carefully and hard for the guests and the facility we maintain and keep improving.

Small-group play, liberally sprinkled with consistency, calmness,  routine, good rest, and extraordinary food were the top of our priorities for them. Supporting this behind the scenes was our work to keep up the basics: maintain a clean and sweet smelling facility, with health checks and weigh-ins.

It wasn’t about ‘luxury’. It wasn’t about ‘novelty’. Both are very human aspirations, and neither pass muster with the sensibilities of anyone’s dog.

The result was Waglands – Dogs’ Holiday and Grooming Retreat. And we are far from done…

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