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Is Waglands right for you and your dog?

Waglands is dedicated to happy, social dogs of all sizes. They will do well if they love company, space, variety, challenge, and engagement. With our separate small playgroups based around size and temperament, we have carefully designed in the ability to meet a broader range of needs, with high levels of human interaction.

Waglands suits dog families dedicated to their dog’s experience, personal growth and development, taking in the diverse environments and social company we carefully cultivate. More than pass the time until they return, our lovely customer community want their dog(s) to make the most of their time away from them.

Is your dog right for Waglands?

Aspiring playmates need to participate with one of our diverse groups constructively. Groups are matched carefully by size, personality, and individual needs, designed to suit even the smallest dogs.

Enjoyment and Safety are the foundation of our Entry Assessment.

  • Any behaviour that affects the safety or enjoyment of others is actively excluded
  • Recall and Listening are critical foundation skills
  • Currently vaccinated, including canine cough.
  • Boys – neutered if over 1yr
  • Entire girl – not on heat

How to Join us?

  1. Are we well matched for each other? – answer our online questionnaire.
  2. Do we have available space on the days/ dates/ times you need us? – Initiate (or update) your online Reservation Profile, and send in a request.
  3. If we are a great match and have availability, and the initial questions look like a good match, you will be invited to create your online profile to get a more detailed introduction to you and your dog.
  4. Join us for an Assessment Daycare Day
  5. Let’s start our journey together. A big Welcome! to the wonderful Waglands Community.

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Assessment Daycare Day

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Used Waglands before?

Welcome back!
Much has changed in our service as we strive to be our absolute best for you and your community. Enjoy the evolution!

  • You will still have your online reservation portal set up from before.
  • Please update any old information: much may have changed your dog’s progress, health, behaviour, and individual needs.
  • You may need to complete our new questionnaire to help prepare us to help you and or meet an assessment day.

And when you are ready please use the form above.

Please note:
If you have had a dog use our services in the past, you already have an account

If you can’t access it:

  • please use your email, and the “forgot password link” to obtain a temporary password. 
  • If none of your email addresses is working, please email us at with your preferred email to with your preferred email so we can help.
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Would you like to tour our facilities?

We are absolutely thrilled about what we’ve accomplished here at Waglands and we can’t wait to share it with you! We want to make sure that you’re a perfect fit for our community before you invest your valuable time in taking a tour.   We highly recommend checking out our social media pages, website, and online reviews to get a better idea of what we offer and what sets us apart. 

We’re confident that you’ll see the passion and dedication we have for our furry friends! Ready to take the next step? Just fill out our questionnaire above and our amazing team will be in touch to help you start your journey with Waglands. We can’t wait to connect with you and show you what makes us unique!