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Experience Tailored Care in Our Dog-Centric Boarding Facilities

A New Chapter at Waglands

O’ the times, they are a’ Changing! – Boarding closed from the 8th of October 2023
Rest assured, Waglands is NOT closing down! But after much thought, we have decided to dedicate ourselves, team and our recreation facilities to our Daycare Service, allowing us to really specialise in the educational and recreational side of our guest’s lives.
This has come after a lot of analysis and soul searching and has been brought around by the Covid disruption and subsequent changes in our boarding environment – as well as the very Human side of running nonstop for 14 years.

Midweek Sleepovers
 We are excited to announce a new opportunity exclusively for our regular daycare customers. Your dog can now enjoy a comfortable and peaceful sleepover with us. We have five beautifully designed suites available for bookings from Monday to Thursday.

Thank you!
We really appreciate all the beautiful support we have received from our boarding customers over the past 14+ years. We have devoted ourselves to re-writing the experience of ‘boarding facilities’ with our concept of Dog Centred Care, and you have all been such a loyal part of that journey.

our Bedroom suites

We are thrilled to offer our incredible Bedroom Suites exclusively to our regular daycare customers.  These provide your furry friend with a cozy and peaceful haven to recharge.

Our top-notch suites are designed specifically to cater to your pup’s comfort needs, making it the ultimate spot for them to relax and digest after a day of fun-filled activities.

And here’s the best part- our loyal daycare customers get the chance to enjoy midweek sleepovers in these amazing suites!

Frequently Asked Questions

If this works best for them, absolutely, yes! We have evolved a range of accommodation options to best meet their needs.
For family members to share accommodation, they need to be compatible and have sufficient space to be comfortable. We consider this individually and can change tack if we feel their needs are better met with another option.

We are definitely not the right place for cats to have fun. Fortunately, we have Caroline at Hillcrest Cat Motel just down Normandale road a little, and she is terrific. You can reach her on 569 3598. Website: Hillcrest Cat Motel

More information can be found on our pricing page.

Most oral medications can be administered to even the most difficult of guests. Please bring any medications with clear instructions on dose and frequency of administration, and labelled with the guest’s name. Please ensure there is enough medication for their specific needs. The only health condition we wish to avoid is insulin-dependent diabetics due to the complex and less visible blood glucose status when shifting into our stimulating environment.

We are interested in every diverse need our guests have. Some require a lot more time investment by our team, needing an ‘Extra Love’ fee.

Included are such things as close weight monitoring with additional meals, awkward dietary workarounds like hand-feeding, special exercise provision to adapt our social environment to specific needs or limitations, or specific privacy measures in recreation or accommodation areas. Or anything else that we feel we need to invest particular time to make all the difference for a unique individual.

We encourage our guests to allow us to provide this, as we have always struggled with laundering, locating and returning our bedding at departure time. Please don’t bring anything you would hate to lose if you do wish to BYO.

We combine various soft bedding with good quality beds. We have specially imported U.S. made ‘Kuranda’ beds which are carefully chosen for their comfort and durability. Our towels, polar fleece blankets, and ‘DryBeds’ are perfect for keeping them comfortable and clean, can be washed as soon as needed and dry nicely throughout the day as required.