Waglands Dog daycare service

The ultimate dog daycare experience.

Discover Enrichment Daycare: Engagement, Expertise, and Environment

What is Enrichment Daycare

Enrichment improves and enhances your dog’s mental state using a range of activities designed to challenge and exercise their brains. These activities encourage your dog to problem solve, learn new skills and become more confident. Most importantly, they love it!

At Waglands, we have very consciously created a wide range of environments designed to intrigue, challenge, and delight your dog in a small group setting surrounded by nature and privacy.

Our Enrichment Program consists of 3 core elements:



Since adding sensory stimulation, mental challenge, interest and diversity to our day, our guests have become calmer and happier through working their mental energies.


Playtime for dogs is carefully managed. Our small well-matched groups, structured activities and natural environment perfectly enhance quality social skills.


We make learning fun, using constructive training to help your dog work on foundation skills, recall, and good manners with other dogs and humans.



Dogs thrive on structure and routine at home and Daycare. So our activities intersperse rest and play through the day, ensuring every dog gets the best of both.


Our attentive and engaged people are a well-coordinated team, trained and supported to be their best at ensuring the best experience and outcomes for your dog.


Our Playgroup Facilitators are genuinely interested in the experience of their small group, adding interest, direction, challenge, engagement, playtoys, and treats when earned.



Our diverse environments range from the native bush and open grassed playgrounds to calming rest areas and heated indoor space – to bring out the best in dogs.


Our guests have the freedom and space to opt into and out of play as the mood takes them, giving them the most balanced environment to be their best social selves.


To be their best, dogs appreciate and need quiet rest time. Our daily structure allows them lots of quiet time and absolute privacy to rest up, ready for their next outing.

What else is different at Waglands

Separately Dedicated to All Sizes
Our well-matched playgroups are separated. We match dogs carefully by size, personality, and individual needs… this suits even the smallest dogs.

Compatible personalities
It is essential an aspiring playmate can happily participate constructively with one of our diverse groups on their chosen day.
We have a careful assessment process that looks for playmates who will be beautifully compatible with the guests in their small hand-picked playgroup, natural environment and committed team.

Sample report and photos

Not your Traditional Daycare
Daycare doesn’t have to be about High-density and High-intensity warehouse-style supervision. Allowing dogs to play all day with each other in these types of environments can create many issues due to the high arousal or the extreme control needed to maintain a calm environment.

Actively involved Team
Far from being ‘passive lifeguards’, our Playgroup Leaders are very engaged with each of our guests and recognise dog behaviours and the importance of foundation training and manners. They are looking for areas each dog can be challenged and grow in confidence and capability – and have fun along the way.

Sharing updates with your Family
Our Playgroup leaders share their rich experiences, insights and photos directly to our doggy families. In true Waglands style, we have repurposed software designed for good Childcare facilities for you to look forward to after each day.

Frequently asked questions

  • 6:00 am: The Waglands Express Bus is preparing to set off to help with our guest’s transport needs
  • 7:00 am: Our first Daycare arrivals on the Waglands Express Bus are enjoying a calm morning leg stretch and sniff around
  • 8:00 am: Our entry gate opens for drop-offs, with arrivals enjoying their calm settle-in
  • 9:20 am The enrichment day starts, with dedicated playgroups going out with their chosen Playgroup Leader. The focus is on integrating the group and working on name recognition and good social manners while our guests are at their most energetic.
  • Lunch Time: ‘Heat of the day’ rest-and-digest period
  • Afternoon: playgroups further the relationships they have evolved through the day. We work on stretching their experiences: mental, sensory, social, environmental.
  • 3:30 pm: Gate open for first collections
  • 4:45pm first Waglands Express Bus Departs.

Small dogs appreciate space, privacy, enrichment, Human attention, smaller groups and well-matched company as much as any dog. And the diversity and interest Waglands has developed in the many different areas is unmatched. Our small dogs get equal access to the best of Waglands within the safety and enjoyment of their small-sized exclusive group of familiar friends.

The most beautiful company is based on our participants’ personal preferences and individual needs, and observing and acting on this is the best guide our team can have. We make other decisions of compatibility, considering size, enthusiasm, personality, preferences, playing style and health.
Most of our participants have been to us many times previously. Over time, we develop significant insight into which playgroup they best suit and then make continuous slight adjustments to have everyone getting the best from their enriched social experience.

We believe in surrounding each guest with a small group of well-matched individuals that each of them can benefit from. Size is a significant factor that we use to create separate playgroups, so we don’t mix small and large dogs. We also consider personality, physicality, age and health issues.

We have specifically designed The Waglands Express Bus to minimise the time your friend spends getting to Waglands, maximising the time up here on site. By connecting with all of our guests at Percy Scenic Reserve, we keep transit time to 15 minutes. The vast part of their day should be spent enjoying environments that best suit rest and play – not in a travelling van.

For the health and safety of your companion and our other guests, we must insist on current vaccinations for all visitors to our facilities:
• D.H.P (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus)
• ‘Canine Cough’ vaccination.
Note: Leptospirosis is not required in the Wellington Region, so we do not need this for entry.