Pop – Up Grooming

Our grooming Pop-up service is to help you get back on top of your furry friends’ hygiene and coat health needs, whether it be shedding, overgrowth on face or body, or knotting. It gives you back control until you have got back into your normal coat maintenance cycle with your groomer. At Waglands we combine this with a playday in and around your groom.

Our playday uses the best of Waglands recreational areas, matching our guests into small groups of like-minded individuals to get the best out of their individual social needs.

Our grooming service is overseen by Wellingtons only International & NZ Award Winning Master Groomer

Come and have some fun, and get back on top of that coat.





Practical Clip off

Small guest (under 8kg)

From $30

From $45

From $75

Small/Medium (under 20kg)

From $35

From $50

From $85

Medium/Large guests (under 40kg)

From $40

From $55

From $95

Large guests (Over 40kg)

From $45

From $65

From $105

We are always working to create a positive doggy social environment, so our guests need to be:
• of good social temperament
• currently vaccinated, including canine cough, and not within two weeks of arriving
• if a boy over 1yr old – be neutered (some exceptions apply – please contact us)
• if an entire girl – not on heat

Included is

Full access to our well-developed indoor and outdoor recreation facilities


  • The groom is not a breed-specific, enhanced shape look
  • Bodies will be clipped off at a practical length dictated by any knotting or tangling, typically under 25mm
  • Faces will be scissor groomed to enhance that natural beauty, and regain key hygiene around eyes and mouth
  • If extra time is needed to work around knotting, tangling or behavioural difficulties, this time will be charged additional to the set fee
  • Guests are requested to come in from 830-10am, and collected from 330 – 530pm.
  • Vaccinations (DHP and CC) need to be current
  • Further details in regards to bookings, fees and cancellation can be found in our Terms and Conditions in our online enrolment system.



We have remote payment options of online bank transfer and online credit card (refer your online profile).