Waglands' Stay Philosophy

At Waglands we have a ‘dogcentric’ approach to our care. Which means we put every dog’s needs front and centre. Over the years we’ve learned what dogs really need and love, and also what their owners want too. Because you are both super important to us.
It boils down to three simple but important elements – you want your dog to stay happy, stay healthy and stay safe. So these three elements drive our dogcentric ‘Stay’ philosophy:

Stay happy

Stay happy - Golden Retrievers playing at Waglands

Dogs love to be active: both with other dogs and with humans. So that’s what we give them. Every day we run consistent small group play sessions, repeated for several hours morning and afternoon to build stability, calmness and lasting friendships and a good social learning experience. We have covered recreation facilities for those rainy days too.

Stay Happy Waglands family photo

Dogs love family: so we create a family feel with our team. We have long serving and absolutely dedicated team members, focussed on the needs of all of our guests. We have invested in training, processes and technology to support our team so they can get on with doing what they love most – caring for our guests.:

Dog resting on grass at Waglands

Dogs love grass: so we make that possible for them by hand mowing, maintaining, fertilising, watering, and supporting it with geo-textiles to survive the pounding our pups give it every day.

K9 Natural Food

Dogs love great food: yes, of course they do.  And we make sure it’s fresh, delicious and bountiful. And just the right amount for each guest’s delight.

Waglands Suites accommodation

Dogs love sleep: so we have a really consistent routine so they can get the best out of their balance of play and their rest and a peaceful spot to lay their head with calming music to help them settle down after having fun. 

As you can see, happiness is a serious business at Waglands and not something to be sniffed at!

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Stay healthy

Two dogs playing at Waglands

Dog love fitness: Our extensive and carefully developed recreation areas promote calmness and positive social interaction where exercise is natural and fun

K9 Natural logo

Dogs love food: We ensure guests have a healthy, fresh and delicious diet (this is part of keeping them happy too of course).  K9 Natural is on the menu – grain free, natural and full of nutrients.  Filtered and UV treated water is refreshed regularly.

Stay-Healthy - Dog being Health Checked

Dogs love being healthy: We conduct routine one-on-one health checks and weigh-ins to actively look for any issues that might require further care, and food or exercise adjustments to better suit their varied needs. Mandatory vaccination standards keep risk of infections to a minimum. And just in case, we have a full range of veterinary advice on tap just down the road. 

Stay-healthy - Dog Resting

Dogs love resting: We also play calming music at key settle times to help transition from active to relaxing mode. 

As you can see, health is a serious business at Waglands and not something to be sniffed at!

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Stay safe

Stay Safe - Chihuahuas enjoying company at Waglands

Dogs love us: Keeping your pup safe is paramount. We create consistent small playgroups of around five guests, beautifully suited to each other’s social, space and play needs. Size and temperament are carefully considered. Video monitoring is an essential tool, as is having an experienced and competent team.  We know what to do, and when to do it.

Stay Safe - Beagles Sniffing at Waglands

Dogs love routine: We have 19 separate play areas which enables us to keep groups small and mix and match to size and personality groups. Our daily routine avoids exercising in peak heat and high UV periods.

Stay Safe - Dogs enjoying quite company

Dogs love freedom: Our own premises and remote location gives us privacy and security, giving our guests total freedom within our safe control area, keeping them right here, and keeping everything else away.

Dogs playing safe at Waglands

Dogs love company: We have a focus on social experience, so we restrict access of less social dogs and will move on any anti-social behaviour.

AsureQuality certified

Customers love professional validation: We are also AsureQuality certified, which means we’ve had external review of our processes and procedures with safety in mind.

As you can see, Safety is a serious business at Waglands and not something to be sniffed at!

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