Waglands Pricing

Our pricing is subject to change to get an accurate price; please use our online booking system.

Daycare Prices

Regular Weekly Attendance per day:$62
Regular Fortnightly Attendance per day: $72

Bus transportation

Regular Daycare Customer price
Per trip$7

Midweek Sleep overs

Per Night Monday to ThursdayRegular Daycare Customer price
In addtion to a daycare day$60

Puppy Class

Five week course$220

Our full terms and conditions are available on our online customer portal, along with any extra services you may require. However our cancellation policy is shown below:

Our Commitment to Structured, High-Quality Care

At Waglands, we take great pride in our structured approach to daycare, creating stable play groups where dogs feel comfortable and can engage in enriching days tailored to their unique needs. This approach ensures a consistent, balanced environment for your furry family members.

Unfortunately, this level of structure means we cannot simply fill a vacant spot with a casual drop-in when someone cancels, nor can we easily adjust our permanent staffing levels. Much like a child daycare or sports club, dogs enroll with us as regular attendees with a permanent day reserved just for them. Our operational costs remain the same whether your pup attends or not.

To accommodate your changing schedule while upholding our commitment to quality care, we offer a flexible attendance policy:

  • With over 48 hours’ notice, a modest $30 fee plus $3 per bus trip will hold your dog’s permanent spot.
  • For last-minute cancellations under 48 hours, the full regular rate will be charged for your booked services.
  • To modify or pause your permanent placement, we require 14 days’ notice or the above will apply.
  • We’re happy to hold your weekly spot for up to 3 consecutive weeks or 8 week per year,  subject to our discretion.


Your understanding allows us to maintain our structured play groups and dedicated staff, providing the stable, enriching environment your dog deserves. We appreciate your cooperation as we uphold our high standards of care.