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Achieve New Milestones with Waglands' Dog Training Programs

Puppy Classes

As soon as your pup has had its first vaccination dose, join our family-oriented puppy class. Our modern positive approach is carefully structured, informative and very interactive, giving your pup (and your family!) the best learning experience.
With leading expert Jan Voss empowering you with the practical information provided, you will learn critical dog-parenting knowledge for growing positive relationships in your family on:

  • House training
  • Positive reinforcement training.
  • Nipping & biting, chewing.
  • Grooming, handling, exercises.
  • Good Manner and Impulse Control.
  • Recalls and loose lead walking.
  • Health puppy play.
  • and much, much more.

Day School

How can we help your dog find their best?
Many of our community ‘graduate’ from puppy school with a few basics but often need more support than is conveniently and affordably available…. You aren’t alone!
Our Day School Training Lessons help you assess and develop plans … and then let the fun begin with the training.

Our Day School services is an add-on to our Daycare days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Attention spans are limited, so we have developed a dog-centred training service that keeps it to repeated short 10-minute bursts of training, with calm rest in between.

Space is limited, so we do have a waitlist for you. Let us know your aspirations, and we will see when we have the availability to help you along.

Jan Voss – Certified and Formally Qualified Behavioural Dog Trainer.

Jan Voss is one of the most experienced Dog Trainers in the region and someone with a vast diversity of practice and an ongoing desire to stay current with the latest and best evolutions of dog training philosophy and technique.

She has over 30years of professional training and experience behind her and owns and runs A.C.E Dog Training Ltd. Currently, her work includes private and group exercise classes and professionally assessing dogs for the SPCA, identifying and intervening with problem behaviours – but like us, she also really believes in getting the basics solid and sound, as well as ongoing engagement and betterment for each dog.

“All Canine Education” (A.C.E. Dog Training Ltd.) are still providing all their wonderful services – we are just borrowing Jan as our Head Trainer for a dedicated time in the week to help with training our wonderful little community.

Location:        Maungaraki Community Hall, 135 Dowse Drive, Maungaraki (access via one-way access around to the rear of building)

When:             Tuesday nights

*Register Now* through our Waglands Online Profile.  From here, you can request a place on our upcoming courses – Click on ‘Book Now’ & select ‘Puppy Training Classes’.

Join our puppy class for five weeks of fun and learning, all for just $220!